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Frank Montes de Oca is a retired fire and safety professional with thirty-eight years experience in fire, rescue, emergency management, medical services and disaster management leadership in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. He attended college at Barry University and received his undergraduate degree from there in 1996 emphasizing fire and emergency services management. He received his Executive Fire Officer designation from the US Fire Administration in 2004.

Chief Montes de Oca began his career as a firefighter with the Goldenrod-Dommerich Fire District in Orange County, Florida in 1972. Following the consolidation of county fire services in Orange County he was appointed Chief of Emergency Medical Services where he designed and implemented the county’s advanced life support, pre-hospital care system now in place today. During his tenure with Orange County Fire and Rescue he served in several major capacities: Chief of Training and Safety, Senior Operations Chief, Countywide Disaster Drill and Exercise Designer and served several years as a field command chief officer.

Following retirement in 1997, he was appointed Fire Chief for the City of Springfield, Ohio serving until 2000 whereby he returned to Florida. From 2000 until 2003 he was the Training and Safety Officer for the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority developing safety and security guidelines, policies and training for a public transit agency serving over 2,000 square miles and 1,000,000 citizens.

In 2003 he was appointed Chief of Fire and Emergency Services in Osceola County, Florida to address the safety and service delivery needs following the death of two firefighters the previous year. In 2008 he was recruited and asked to implement change at an all-hazard, countywide emergency service agency in Orange County, North Carolina – serving as the emergency manager and fire marshal until 2013.

Currently, he develops and delivers training programs for fire and public safety personnel throughout the United States as a recognized instructor for the National Fire Academy, Emergency Management Institute, US Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  Some of the courses he has developed and/or delivers:

  • Surviving the Active Shooter/Hostile Event (PyroTrainers LLC)
  • Ten Ways Firefighters Die (PyroTrainers LLC)
  • Commanding During Civil Unrest (PyroTrainers LLC)
  • Ambulance Strike Team Leader (NCOEMS)
  • Safety for First Responders at Bomb and Explosive Incidents (DHS/BMAP)
  • Safety at Methamphetamine Scenes (USEPA)
  • Incident Safety Officer/Health Safety Officer (National Fire Academy)
  • Incident Safety Officer (Florida State Fire College)
  • All-Hazard Safety Officer (Emergency Management Institute)
  • All-Hazard Incident Command (Emergency Management Institute)
  • 10 and 30 Hour Employee Safe Working Requirements (OSHA)
  • Preparing for Incident Command Operations (National Fire Academy)
  •  Strategy and Tactics for Incident Command Operations (National Fire Academy)
  • Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools (Emergency Management Institute)

He is the owner and senior instructor at PyroTrainers LLC in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

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